5 Mistakes to Avoid When Moving

Every year, just about 15% of the population pack up their possessions and move to a new place! Some move just across town to a new apartment, while others move all the way across the country for a new job. Regardless of where you’re moving and why, there are many challenges that come along with relocating. To get you from here to there, without skipping a beat, here are some key tips for avoiding common moving mistakes!

1. Overpacking

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Everyone has that friend or relative that hoards everything (grandma, were looking at you), but when it comes to moving, it is a perfect time to evaluate what needs to come with you and what can stay behind. Start by going through your belongings and creating two simple categories – items to be packed and items to be sold or donated. Many of the items that you no longer use could be worth money, others could find a new home by being donated to a thrift store. Your Star Trek drinking cup collection is very impressive, but it may not be necessary to bring to your new place; the last thing you want is to ring all of your clutter into your new home, so be sure to pack only the things you want and need!

2. Not Planning a Packing Strategy


Now that you have set aside all of the items that you want to take with you, it’s time to get packing. Boxes can be purchased at any office supply store, and they may be available for free at a big box or wholesaler stores if you ask nicely.

Other packaging necessities include:

  • Hand trucks
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic totes
  • Ratchet straps

Make a list of the items you need and make sure to you have everything ready for packing before you get started. The last thing you want is to stop all your progress to run out to store for more tape.

3. Hiring a shady moving company

In order to simplify the moving process, many companies have been formed all across the country to help families, individuals, and business with their moving needs. In fact, there are 7,000 companies in the moving industry but not all of them are created equal. Consider what Linda Darr of the American Moving and Storage Association has said on the matter: “anyone with a truck and a website can claim to be a mover, our industry is plagued by con artists who don’t adhere to standards for honesty and ethical conduct” Unfortunately, many moving companies try to sidestep the law in order to avoid paying taxes, and other regulatory fees. When it comes to hiring a moving company, steer clear of these businesses. If they can’t be trusted with the law, how can they be trusted around your possessions?

4. Failing to prepare your home for a move in

With all the stress and logistics that need to be consider when moving, many people overlook the preparation for the new home that they are moving into. Has your water, heat and electrical utilities been turned on? Have you changed your address? It’s also important to do a walkthrough of the new home and think about where your furniture and other large items should go before the moving truck arrives.

5. Forgetting to pack an overnight bag

With all the hustle and bustle, it’s important to remember to pack an overnight bag. Usually moving and unpacking is a multi day experience, and for those procrastinators out there it can take months to fully unpack. The idea behind packing an overnight bag is to ensure you have the essential things that you need when you arrive at your new home. Otherwise you will be rummaging through boxes trying to find toothpaste and clean clothing. Take a moment to think about the items that you will need for the net couple days and then do yourself a favor and stick them in a suitcase!


Wherever life takes you, there will likely be items that need to be taken on the journey. Although some people tackle the moving project alone, hiring a moving service can save you valuable time and a major headache. If you’re considering hiring a moving service, call Tidewater Moving at 757-470-0565 for a free estimate. With moving services so affordable, let us take the weight of off your hands!