Moving Company Instrumental in Hampton Roads Post Hurricane Clean Up

In the weeks following Hurricane Mathew, many Hampton Roads homeowners are still picking up the pieces left by destructive flooding and high winds. Although original predictions had the storm moving out to sea, the unpredictable nature of the weather left many residents blind sided by full force of Hurricane Mathew. As homeowners continue to clean up the damage, moving companies are uniquely positioned to help. 

Tidewater Moving has already answered the call for many local homeowners needing assistance. Even though the flood waters have receded, they have left damaged homes in their wake. Often times before professionals and insurance companies can begin restoring a home, the area must be cleared of personal belongings and debris. In order to assist as many people as possible in the recovery after Hurricane Mathew, we have updated our moving specials to offer you the most affordable moving service possible. Call us today to get the ball rolling on hurricane recovery!