12 Days of Christmas Moving Advice from the Experts

Don't worry, we aren't going to sing to you, but we do want to give you 12 pieces of expert advice this Christmas! So without further adieu, here are the 12 days of expert moving advice from Tidewater Moving:

On the first day of Christmas, my moving company gave to me…

1 Bill of Lading – A bill of lading is essentially a receipt of goods to be shipped to a certain destination. Every moving company should give you a bill of lading in order to determine what goods are being transported. This ensures that nothing is lost or left behind!

2 words of wisdom: Be safe – Moving can cause a lot of confusion, unfortunately, many thieves take advantage of this confusion in order to make off with valuable goods, especially during the holiday season. Your possessions are not the only thing that can be stolen, be sure to take the necessary steps to avoid ID Theft during moving.

3 must-have supplies: boxes, tape, and markers – You would think this would be a no brainer, but many people forget to stock up on these important items before packing day. Don’t load boxes over 30lbs, choose the proper tape for packaging (we’re looking at you scotch tape man), and always label your boxes with a permanent marker.


4 ways to meet new people after your move – We’ve talked about this in our recent blog post. The 4 best ways to meet new people are: 1. Becoming the world’s greatest neighbor. 2. Rallying around common interests, 3. Becoming a regular and 4. Using technology.

5 Mistakes to avoid when moving – Every year 15% of the population packs up to move to a new location, and unfortunately, many of them make these 5 moving mistakes. This Christmas, our 5th gift to you gift to you is the best way to avoid these mistakes!

6 ideas for storage – Moving into a smaller space? Here are 6 storage ideas to help you maximize your living space.

  1. Don’t forget the ceiling – hanging items on the ceiling is a great storage hack, and it can also as be used as a decoration. From pots and pans, to bicycles, a hook on the ceiling can go a long way.
  2. Use the right furniture – most furniture companies have a line of multiuse furniture that offers a built in storage option.
  3. Stow Below – under desks, under beds, underground. Make sure you are utilizing all your space under surfaces.
  4. Let there be light- this may not actually increase the usable size of the space, but letting in natural light will make your space seem bigger.
  5. Scale down- your full size dining room table may have worked great in your old home, but it might be time to sell it when you move into a 700 Sq. ft. downtown apartment.

7 cities nearby – Tidewater moving is based out of 7 seven cities of Hampton Roads, but no matter where you live, we are able to move you all over Virginia.

8 things to do immediately after moving – Once you get all moved in, these are the 8 things that cannot wait:

  1. Have all mail forwarded to your new address.
  2. Update your drivers license.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Set up your new cable/internet.
  5. Change all locks and alarm codes.
  6. Arrange a safe deposit box at your local bank to store important home documents.
  7. Create a household inventory list.
  8. Keep all you moving receipts safe an tidy for tax time.

9 things to follow on Twitter and Facebook  after moving – Social media is a great way to get connected in a new community (see number 4). Here are the 9 accounts to follow in a new place:

  1. Local news stations.
  2. Satirical comedy accounts of your new neighborhood.
  3. Your favorite local businesses.
  4. Your school district.
  5. Your local politicians, both state and federal.
  6. Individuals who may provide networking opportunities for your industry.
  7. Local Sports teams.
  8. Churches or Volunteer opportunities.
  9. Your new friends, as you make them.

10 words to say to your new neighbors – a good relationship with your neighbors can enhance any living situation, so how can you break the ice? Try this opener: “I just moved into the neighborhood, let’s do coffee soon!” These 10 simple words may seem tough to get out, but it will be worth it when you need a dog sitter.

11 people to thank after you’ve moved – nobody does it all alone, usually the following folks will have some impact on your moving situation. Be sure to send moving thank you notes to these people in your life:

  1. Mom
  2. Dad
  3. Your old roommates (even if they don’t deserve it)
  4. That one friend who surprisingly showed up to help you pack, even though you two aren’t that close.
  5. Your moving company
  6. Your significant other (a romantic dinner may do the trick better than a thank you note)
  7. Your new neighbors (also include an invite to dinner)
  8. Your old neighbors (even if they don’t deserve it)
  9. Your Ex-Boyfriend (just kidding, never do that)
  10. Your best friend – this person was probably the first to show up and the last to leave, so a small gift is also customary for your best friend.
  11. Your local bar/Coffee shop – if you’re a regular at a neighborhood establishment, stop in and thank them for their service and let them know they will be missed – this is a classy move.

12-foot box truck – We have plenty of space for all your belongings in our trucks. Rather than make the move yourself, let Tidewater Moving take the weight off of your hands. Leave a comment below for a quote or give us a call at 757-470-0565. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!