3 Uses for Plastic Containers That You Never Thought Of

In our line of work, plastic bins are used every day for moving and storage; but you may be surprised to learn of some of the other ways that you can use plastic containers:

1. Off Season Clothing Storage

You may be fortunate enough to have plenty of space for all of your seasonal clothing, but if not, there is a perfect solution. Placing out of season clothing in stackable bins is an excellent way to keep clothing organized, fresh, and away from pests. This method was first made popular in Japan, a culture that often emphasizes cleanliness and can also been need of extra space. It's no wonder they've taken advantage of clothing storage in stackable plastic bins!

2. Organizing Files

Whether you're running a household or a business, paperwork will eventually pile up. For the files that you need, but don't need right away, try storing them in plastic containers. One great tip is to label containers by date. For example "June 2012 receipts" can go in one plastic container. This helps to keep work areas clean and free of clutter. It also help you when you need to access a file or important document at a later date.

3. Kitchen Storage

Most restaurants are already aware of this, but now your home kitchen can take advantage of plastic. Storage containers made of plastic are the perfect way to keep food fresh, clean, and organized. Many of the food items that you purchase at the store are made with low cost packaging in order to keep costs down; but these items may be costing you money if the packaging is limiting the shellfire of the product. Take advantage of kitchen storage with plastic bins by placing cereal, rice, flour, vegetables and other perishables in their own air tight plastic containers. Small plastic containers are also a great way to organize utensils, spices, and many more kitchen items!

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