Top 3 apps to download right now if you're moving!

Technology is an excellent thing... it has given us smartphones, electric cars, and made our lives easier. At Tidewater Moving we always want to try to make your life easier, that's why we've listed our top 3 apps for people who are moving!

Moving Day

Welcome to the 21st century. With the "Moving Day" app, you have just gone from amateur mover to logistics master. Moving day allows you to create bar code labels for each of your boxes. You can print right from your phone and stick the bar code onto each and every box. Then when it is time to unpack, simply scan the barcode(with your phone) and you can determine the contents of the box, without having to open it.

Move Advisor

This is quite possible the holy grail of moving apps. From moving checklists, to a timeline, and even getting quotes right on the app,  Move Advisor can really do it all. With the home inventory drag and drop feature, you can virtually account for each and every box by room. That way you won't forget anything!

State Farm Move Tools

The good folks at State Farm have created a beautifully designed moving app! Move Tools isn't short of any bells and whistles, it has an inventory tracker, packing guide, as well as "smart labels" which are generated by the app and then printed to help you organize the contents of your boxes!

The best part about each of these apps is that they are all free! Looking for more ways to make the moving process easier? Call Tidewater Moving for a free quote today at 757-470-0565!