We didn't charge for our last move in 2015...Here's why:

Anyone who has ever moved can tell you what a challenge it can be. Now imagine you are the mother of two children, a handicap boy who requires constant attention, and a diabetic daughter who requires frequent monitoring. That is the story of our most recent moving client, Mrs. Gomes. This past holiday season, we were inspired by other businesses who had given back to the community, and after hearing from a local social worker about the need the Gomes' family had, we knew it was time to step up.

When we arrived at the Gomes house on an unusually warm December day, the rain was coming down fairly steadily and clouds covered the sky. We proceeded with our usual preparations and began to load the belongings into the truck, and after packing up the boxes and furniture we were left with one daunting task, the handicap stair lift. Weighing in at approximately 350 lbs and stretching the length of a staircase, we knew that this would be a challenge. As we wrapped up with the loading that day, Mrs. Gomes shared that this holiday season has been particularly tough for her family. Besides struggling financially, Mrs. Gomes mother had passed away in November, and her sons condition had worsened requiring him to move into a group home.  Despite the rain, the muggy weather, and a mostrous chair lift, our work that day meant more to me than any other this year. Even though there was no financial reward, knowing that we could help a family in need at just the right time, was payment enough.