10 Cities that people are moving to this Summer!

There’s just something about the Summer. The water is warm, the weather is nice, and for whatever reason, people decide to move! While we have been busy moving people around Virginia, families have been moving all over the country. Today, Forbes released a report of the 10 cities that are attracting the most movers! In fact, there are several of Hampton Roads east coast neighbors on the list!

The 10 Cities that People are Moving to Right Now

For most movers, the driving force behind their decision to relocate is the economy. Local economies are the life of every city in the U.S. They have an effect on nearly every facet of society, such as school systems, population growth, and business opportunities. Local economies, just like our national economy, are always in motion. As cities seek to grow and prosper, they generally experience good times, and periods that are challenging. Some cities experience an economic boom, while others decline, or remain stagnant.

Migration around the U.S.

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