5 Kitchen Organization Hacks

1. The Toaster Tuck

Appliances clog up counters. So if you want to free up counter space and still have the convenience of accessible small appliances, then get creative. Try placing your appliances in a cupboard, that way you can easily close the doors giving your kitchen a clean look.

2 .The Pull-out Pantry

Pantry shelves are the worst. Items get trapped in the back and they are lost forever. This problem can be easily fixed by installing pull out shelves. That way you can easily reach the back of the shelf without diving into the pantry abyss.

3. The Lazy Suzanne Solution

The corner counter is as awkward as your 10th grade yearbook photos. One way to make it less awkward is to install a lady suzanne. That way you can easily spin items to the front instead of bending down and going kitchen diving.

 4. The Pot/Pan Pull

Pots and pans are impossible to stack - so don't! By hanging your pans on a pull out system, you can easily access everything.

 5. The Under Faucet Fix

If you're family is like mine, the cabinet under the sink is where you put everything that doesn't have a place. However, you can get organized by installing custom pull-out shelves that fit around your plumbing!

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