Where are Millennials Moving?

Millennials are known for many things: tech skills, self expression, and yes, MOVING. For a number of reasons, Millennials tend to move very frequently, so whether  moving out of mom and dads house, or out of a college dorm, you'll find Millennials on the go a lot this year.

Where have all the millennials gone?

According the rent.com, Millennials are skipping town for the following reasons:

1.To move to a city

"Move to a city in a broke down car" -  is it coincidence that a lyric from the number one song isn the country right now is so relatable to many millennials? In fact 44% of millennials have moved to a larger metropolitan area than where they came from. Why?  well for starters, jobs, excitement, opportunity, social life and better Instagram posts

2. To be with a significant other

"Down by the Bae." According to a recent survey,  21% of Millennials have moved to a different location for a significant other. Although I don't think they asked how many moved back after failed relationships... (awkward turtle emoji)

3. For a job

There's just something about mounds of student debt that makes you want to travel to city with job opportunities. As it turns out, this is the most important factor when considering a move - 43% of Millennials said they would move for the right job. If this is you, be sure to check out our professionals guide to moving to a new city.

4. For fresh start

11% of Millennials said they moved away from their hometown to simply try something new.

5. To be close to family

Home is where the heart is. 19% of those polled said they have moved to be closer with their families.

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