Getting Married? Here are the moving tips you need to know!

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Roughly 2 million couples tie the knot each year, according to the Pew Research Center. There are countless hours of planning that go into making your special day absolutely perfect. Flowers, photos and the fiancé are all a part of the planning process, but when the honeymoon is over, you may be left with another daunting planning task: moving into your new home. Don’t stress about the move in process, keep calm and read these moving tips:

1. Make a game plan…together

As newlyweds, solving problems together is a necessity, so why not get some early practice? Moving to a new place requires a game plan, so be sure to get together with your significant other and outline the when, where and how of moving into your new place.


Nail down your move out and move in date and create a packing schedule leading up to this date. For example, Have your living room packed 2 weeks before moving, bedroom 1 week before and so on. It’s crucial to break down the moving process into short actionable steps.


Recently, we helped two beautiful newlyweds move to a downtown studio apartment. They were moving from a large suburban area to a small 700 square foot one bedroom apartment. Needless to say they didn’t plan for the reduction in space, and they arrived with far too many items and the furniture for their old place was much too large for their new urban apartment. Will you be moving into a smaller or larger space? It’s important to understand the context of where you are moving and what is practical for that area.


The age-old question: How do we get all this stuff from one place to another? Many choose to rent a large box truck and have their friends and family help them load it up. Others choose to have a moving company tackle the heavy lifting and logistics for them. Everyone’s situation is different, but for newlyweds in the midst of wedding planning, coordinating relatives from out of town, and enjoying the process of transitioning to marriage, time can be a rare commodity. Tidewater moving company offers affordable moving specials to newlyweds in order to make their life easier in their special season!

2. Take Inventory

You don’t want to bring old baggage into your marriage – literally, don’t bring your junk into the new house. In order to ensure that only essentials are making it into your new place, sit down with your betrothed and evaluate all the items by placing them into four simple categories: keep, sell, donate, or toss.


Gentlemen, your Star Wars action figure collection may need to go into storage or on eBay (probably for a modest profit). Ladies, you aren’t going to need 7 framed portraits of Audrey Hepburn, so keep the best and toss the rest. As tough as it may be to part ways with your beloved possessions, it can also be fun. Turn it into a game, see who can keep less and the loser buys dinner or donates money to a charity. Getting married is all about starting your new life; so don’t take unnecessary items with you. Compromise is key in determining what goes and what stays.

3. Get Some Help

If you’re planning a wedding or just had a wedding, the last thing you want to do is coordinate the logistics of moving alone. If you have family in town to help you with your wedding, take advantage of the extra hands and get some packing done!

One other great option is to hire a professional moving company, with moving specials this low, why move on your own? Let Tidewater Moving  handle everything so you can focus on what’s most important, your big day and the start of a new season! Call us at 757-470-0565 or leave us a comment for a quote today!