A Guide to Finding Your First Richmond, VA Apartment

With the excitement of moving to a new city for college or to take up a dream gig as a young professional, comes the need to secure a living space. If you’ve never signed a lease before, it can be challenging to know the ins and outs of apartment hunting. With young professionals, college students and more, all looking for the best spot at the right price, competition can be fierce. Get ahead of the game and check out these tips for moving to a Richmond, VA apartment:

Get the inside scoop. Information is very crucial to successful apartment hunting. It is your duty to dig-out relevant information from friends and family members after you might have decided on your preferred location. So, approach neighbourhood businesses, current residents, and more, to find out the inside scoop on an area.

Have a budget. When you sit down with a leasing office, one of the first questions they will ask is: “How much are you able to expend on your new apartment?” Apart from the actual rent fees, your budget should include security deposits, application fees and additional living expenses in the new area such as utility, parking, internet, pet fees (if you will be having one) and more. If you are a college student, you might want to consider student specific areas where you will be spending less than highbrow areas.

Search websites and consult leasing agents. The internet is a very powerful tool for finding an apartment. Several landlords and property agents can be reached through online adverts on property boards; since some will include pictures of the apartment, it is also an opportunity to have a view of the property before scheduling an actual visit. You can also narrow down you search by using relevant keywords such as “Students’ accommodation,” “Richmond Students’ apartments.” Furthermore, contact leasing agents; working with one could be beneficial due to their access to information about properties in specific areas. Note that this might attract a fee.

Consider proximity to workplace and school campus. Your goal should be to save as much as possible on commuting to and from your workplace and school, so proximity is very important. Richmond doesn’t have a transit system (other than buses) and the highways are filled with tolls. You may be able to get a less expensive accommodation outside the city, but don’t forget that transportation costs can add up.

Hurray! Now you have your dream apartment and you’re already filling your Pinterest board with great ideas. But not so fast, you might need to slow down a bit to prevent future regrets. Finding your choice apartment means more than half of the job has been done, but it doesn’t stop there. Before moving into that new apartment, consider the following additional tips:

Carry out a thorough inspection. Doing a walk-through will help to ascertain the true state of things with your new apartment. Make sure the apartment suits your specifications, inspect all facilities including closets, kitchen furniture and bathroom installations and make sure they are in good condition. It is advisable to go with a small electrical gadget to test every socket. Be sure the inlets and outlets are not blocked, examine the ceilings and check for leakages. It would be apt to document any problem you might notice and call the attention of the agent or landlord to avoid being held liable in the future.

Read the lease agreement carefully. Be sure you agree with the points stated in your lease document before putting pen to paper. Check for policies on movement restrictions, pets, visitors, emergency repairs, quiet hours, outdoor housekeeping, painting, period of notice and more. If you discover some details have been left out, insist on a modification. 

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