How to Move with Small Children

It's never easy to move with children. Packing up your entire home is difficult enough by itself, but children can make matters even more difficult. How can you pack when they are always around? What  can you do to keep them entertained while you're packing the entire house? Most importantly, how can you make your home safe for your children while your packing?

Here are a few tips that will help you move when you have small children:

#1: Pack When They're Not Around:

If your children already attend school or daycare, try to make the best of the time while they're not at home. It may be necessary to take 1 or 2 days off work to maximize your packing time. If they usually stay at home with you, you may want to ask your parents or relatives if they can spend a day or two with them.

#2: Have One Room as The Kids Zone:

Most movers usually pack one room at a time. This system helps keep your belongings organized but it is also more effective when moving with children. By keeping small children in a play area, you can pack the rest of the home without any issues. Many parents will place all of their child’s favorite toys in the kids zone in order to buy as much time as possible for productive packing.

#3: Keep Dangerous Supplies out of Reach:

Tape, scissors, straps, and boxes are all great supplies to help with your move. Unfortunately, most children don’t know the difference between toys and dangerous supplies. Moving can be stressful on its own, there’s no need to make matters even more taxing by risking an injury to your child. This why it is crucial to take important steps to keep these items out of reach when children are around.

Packing can be hard work. Once it’s done, your children are going to want some quality time with mom and dad. That’s why Tidewater Moving is here. We make the moving process as simple and affordable as possible. Allowing you to maximize your family time and get you to your new home quickly and safely. Give us a call today for a quote