How to Deal with Bad Neighbors


You just moved into the most beautiful apartment and you think your life couldn't get any better, but then you suddenly start hearing your neighbors. The inexplicable noises, the bad Nickelback albums or endless parties. Bad neighbors can take your perfect apartment and turn it into a nightmare on Elm Street. The situation is so common that it has been parodied in movies, comedy routines and a few hilarious YouTube videos. For those who have to deal with it, bad neighbors are anything but funny. If a good living situation is being ruined by bad neighbors, here are the steps that you can take:

#1: The first step for resolving an issue is almost always to speak directly to the neighbor. Give them a call or stop by. If now isn’t a convenient time, ask them when they would have 10 minutes or so to talk.

#2: When you talk with your neighbor it’s important to avoid accusations. Instead, try to explain what issues you are having. Let them know if you have been unable to sleep properly due to noise. Your neighbors can’t fix the issues if they don’t know what is bothering you, so always start there.

#3: If the talk doesn't lead you anywhere or if they refuse to talk all together; write a personal letter and offer solutions to the problem.

#4: If a solution still isn’t found, it may be time to involve your apartment complex or HOA. They will probably send complaint notice to them on your behalf.

#5: For some situations, you may need to call your local police precinct for a noise complaint. Most cities have a noise ordinance after a certain time. If your neighbor is breaking the law it may be necessary to make a phone call to the non-emergency police number at your local precinct.   

#6: If the situation continues, it may be time to start looking for a new place to live. It isn’t uncommon for tenants to use bad neighbors as leverage to get out of lease, so give it a go!

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