Step-By-Step Tips For Moving Into Your First College Dorm

Step-By-Step Tips For Moving Into Your First College Dorm

The big day is approaching!  We bet you're feeling pretty anxious, excited and many more emotions about moving into your college dorm. College is going to have enough challenges on its own, so don’t make moving harder than it has to be, here are the tips for moving into your first dorm.

#1: Time For Some Homework:

Here is the key information you should know before moving:

  • The dorm address
  • The move-in date
  • Where to park if you are taking a car
  • The layout and dimensions of your dorm room
  • Items that are already included in the room like a bed frame, table, microwave.
  • Items that aren't allowed in the dorm like candles, large furniture items, and more
  • Your roommate's phone number or social media info.

#2: Time For A Master List:

The master list needs to include everything you need to take with you. You need to carefully think about it to make sure that you don't miss anything. Don't forget to include a first aid kit, hangers, important personal documents, and any medications you may take. You may want to pack only the clothing that you will need for the current season. If you are taking trips home for spring or fall break, you can always swap out your wardrobe.

#3: Get in Touch with Your Roommate:

You'll be living for at least one semester with your roommate so you should probably get to know them. So, before the move-in, make sure to contact her and introduce yourself. Take the time to discuss with her things you both might want to share. There's no point in having 2 TVs 2 stereos, and in one small room.

#4: Start Packing Early And Often:

Start packing as soon as possible. To pack systematically, begin by packing the items that you won’t need in the weeks leading up to your move. As you begin packing, be sure to place all containers/boxes out of the way for your own sanity. It may be best to set aside a corner in a room, or a portion of the garage to store your packed items until moving day. Be sure to pack an overnight bag with essentials for your first couple nights in your new place.

#5: The Move-In Day:

If you’ve hired a reputable moving company, then the day of your move will be a breeze. Grab your overnight bag and other essentials and hit the road. Take in the freedom of being on your own and enjoy the first day of your college experience. Life moves quickly, so take in the memories beginning with day one.

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