How To Properly Box Up Wine Glasses


You may not have any issues packing up clothes, books, or other daily use items, but glassware is a different animal. Special items require extra care. Whether it’s crystal from your wedding, or fine wine glasses, moving these items requires a special procedure. Broken glassware can be a Champagne in the butt, but Tidewater Moving has your covered. Here are our 5 key tips for boxing up wine glasses.

#1: Cell Boxes

Cell boxes are pre-made boxes that include separate pockets. So, in each pocket you place a wine glass or a champagne flute. The cardboard that goes between each glass will prevent them from bumping in each other. This extra protection significantly decreases the chance of glassware breakage.  

#2: White Tissue Papers

Newspaper is often used as a packing aid in order to cushion glassware and other fragile items, but it may not be the best choice for expensive items. When pressed against glass, ink from newspapers will sometimes leave an imprint that is difficult to remove. To avoid this, pack your best items in white tissue paper.

#3: Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a great solution if you want to take protection one step further. By placing tissue paper around glasses before bubble wrap, friction is reduced and so is the chance of breakage while moving. With cell-boxes, tissue paper, and bubble wrap, your glasses will be well protected within their boxes.

#4: Empty Space

Even with all these layers to protect your glasses, you probably still have some empty space within the box. So, it's time to pad it as well as you can. Tissue paper and bubble wrap can make a great buffer, but we’ve even seen people using clothing, towels and more to fill in the empty space. The goal is chance that the glassware will move within the box when it’s being transported.

#5: Label Well:

Every box that you close should have a label referring to the room to where the items belong to. In the case of the glassware boxes, make sure that you also label it as fragile. Tidewater Moving seeks to move every item with care, but proper fragile labeling helps us to identify those boxes that require extra special attention. Once your packing is complete, it’s time to pop a cork and pour a glass to celebrate your new home!