What to Do When You Have to Move Quickly

Life can take us in unexpected places. Whether for a job, a personal reason or just a case of wanderlust, sometimes you need to move quickly. Once you realize that you need to up and go, where do you start? Take a deep breath, here are the the step by step tips to a quick move.

#1: Define Your Plan of Attack:

Depending on how soon you need to move, you may want to look for a temporary place to stay. Consider friends and relatives that live in town who wouldn’t mind having you there for a week. Additionally, AirBnb has options for an extended stay for up to several months. If you decide to move to a temporary place it may be more expensive, but it eases the burden of quickly committing to a long-term situation.

#2: Your New Home:

Renting is a popular option for folks who may have to move with little notice. It’s important that you also check Instagram and Twitter to find out what people are saying about the areas you're considering. This can help you to avoid a potential disaster. After surveying at least three rental properties, you will need to simply make a decision with the information you have been given. Quick moves are all about doing the best with the information you have been given.

#3: Packing Time:

The first thing you pack should be a box of essentials. Pack the items you would want if you were packing for a two-week trip instead of moving. After this, begin packing the rest of your belongings. Sometimes people who need to move quickly will simply take the essentials with them and leave the rest to be moved by a reputable moving company.


When you need to get on the move, who can you trust with your possessions? Tidewater Moving is licensed, insured, and a part of the small percentage of moving companies that belong to the Better Business Bureau. If you need to get out of town quickly, give us a call to schedule your move today!