Choosing a Moving Company

The moving process can be stressful. When it comes to choosing a moving service, we want to help put your mind at ease. Here are the things you should consider when choosing a moving company.

1. Check for the moving company’s license

When you want to establish the credibility of a moving company, ask for their license.  The moving company’s license and other requirements differ depending on whether you are moving within your state or to another.  In order to do business across state lines, the mover must be licensed with the federal government and have a U.s Department of Transportation number. the By simply looking up the moving company on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website, you can find out if the moving company meets the interstate requirement.

2. Know when to use local or national mover:

if you are moving within the same state, it is recommended that you stick with a local moving company because it is much easier to resolve a problem with the local moving owner rather than with big corporations. But if you are moving interstate, you should use a national moving companies.

3. Do your background check on the moving company:

Don’t be deceived by the claims of moving companies, people can pretend to be what they are not just to get the contract to move your things for you. That's why its always important to verify licenses and references of the moving company, don’t just depend on the information displayed on the moving company’s website, check government and independent sources. Dig through their social media page, read comments from customers and read up what other people who have used their service is saying about them. 

4. Get Quotation:

After doing your due diligence, get the quotation in writing from the moving company and to be on the safe side, you should get estimates from more than one moving company and ensure that the quote covers everything in your home. Do not accept verbal estimates. In addition to a binding written estimate, it is recommended you get the following document from the moving company on moving day:

•    Bill of lading:

 A receipt for your belonging and contract between you and the mover. Please: do not sign a contract if there is anything there you don’t understand

•    Order of service:

This is a document that authorizes the moving company to transport your household items from one location to another

•    Inventory list: a receipt showing each item and its condition before the move.

There is no rocket science to moving, following these tips will help you engage the right moving company to help you make a seamless relocation. Who said relocation has to be burdensome?